Smith Sequel a Sell-Out?

It is expected to be the hit of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.
Clerks II comes to town, with three of its public screenings already sold out – not least because its UK premiere is taking place at the festival, and Clerks, the original, being a cult following.
The film promises to be the latest in a long line of movie hits for director Kevin Smith – whose credits include Mallrats and Chasing Amy, as well as Clerks – and once more features persistent under-achievers, Dante and Randall. This time around, the black-and-white-convenience-store
setting is gone, replaced by a technicolour-burger-bar, and an altogether slicker, more polished film than its predecessor.
Little is lost in this transition from rough to smooth: the filthy, fast-paced humour remains, including a brilliant pop at political correctness and a Lord of the Rings slanging match; as does the feeling that this is still a film about the outsider, even though bigger bucks
seem to be behind its production. Most importantly, Jay and Silent Bob return . . reformed Christians.
Spike’s only concern is the slightly tired romantic storyline – you’ve been ignoring the real love of your life, who you’ve been treating as a friend. However, Smith’s carefully crafted denouement acts as saviour, as all the film’s threads are drawn together in a chaotic, and cringe-worthy scene, which should have viewers squirming and guffawing in equal measure.
Whether the slightly gooey ending to the film will ruin this for devotees of Smith’s work is sure to be one of the hot topics of this year’s festival.
There are no tickets left for Clerks II, which is showing at Cineworld, at 2000 and 2200, and on Saturday at 1800. However, it’s worth keeping an eye out for director Kevin Smith who will be attending the premiere and take part in one of the festival’s ‘Reel Life’ interview sessions on Saturday.

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