TV Big Guns to Gather for Scottish Broadcasting Conference

Some of the biggest names in Scottish broadcasting are to appear at the annual conference of a Scottish TV interest group.

Names of the calibre of Blair Jenkins, former chair of the Scottish Broadcasting Commission, and Bobby Hain, managing director of broadcasting and regulatory affairs at STV, are to appear at the 19th annual Scottish conference of the Voice of the Listener and Viewer.

Taking place on the fifth of next month, in Edinburgh, the conference is also to feature John Walter Jones, chair of S4C; Donald Campbell, chief executive at MG Alba; Ian Small, head of public policy, BBC Scotland; and Julie Craik, of Fife Screen & Tay Screen Scotland.

Say the organisers: “This year's VLV Scottish conference will compare and contrast the state of broadcasting in Scotland and Wales. What kinds of content and policies are needed to enable high quality successful programmes and services? How should small nations achieve success in their media industries? 

“What does the future hold for broadcasting in Gaelic and in Welsh? What are the future plans of BBC Scotland, of STV? How will we negotiate the current economic challenges? Do the policies of the governments and parliaments in Edinburgh and London help or hinder? What forms of public/private partnerships are being evolved and with what benefits or disadvantages? What is best for viewers and listeners in and across the two nations?”

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