Galloway Bites Back over Sacking

A radio presenter sacked after persuading his producer to streak past new Labour leader, Ed Miliband, while he was being interviewed, has accused his bosses of lacking a sense of humour.

Robin Galloway was handed his P45 last week from Real Radio Scotland after persuading his producer, Barrie Hodge, to streak past the studio during the recording of a radio interview with Miliband.

Writing in his Scottish Sun column today (page 41), he criticised his former employers for suffering from a “complete sense of humour failure”.

He writes: “In the past, presenters have run naked around Ibrox, had their nether regions waxed live on air, and travelled from Glasgow to Edinburgh by train dressed only in mankinis. Normally after such pranks, we would be commended. Yet on this occasion we were both bo****ed.”

Galloway was also furious that a statement released explaining the sacking had been because the incident occurred in an area where families and children congregated.

Says Galloway: “Well, unless we had recently opened a creche facility in the newsroom I’m a tad confused by such a suggestion.”

Although known for being outspoken, the popular presenter remained ellusive when speaking about his future. He writes: “Rumours that I’m about to become [Aberdeen manager] Mark McGhee’s replacement are wildly exaggerated. Where will I pop up next? Well you’ll just have to wait and see but readers of this column will be the first to know.”

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