MacGregor Missing his Broadcasting Voice

Poignant words from Scottish broadcaster and folk singer, Jimmie MacGregor, in an article in yesterday's Scottish Daily Express by showbusiness writer, Gavin Docherty.

Macgregor’s life in show business is the subject of a documentary – ‘Jimmie MacGregor, 80 Years Young’ – on BBC 1 Scotland on Tuesday at 7pm.

Docherty points out that the documentary glosses over his abrupt departure from a ten-year stint on BBC Radio Scotland’s daily MacGregor’s Gathering….”swept out by a new broom wielded by incoming controller, James Boyle”.

MacGregor tells Docherty: “I never uttered a single word of protest. People said I must have been resentful.

“I just hated losing the voice that I had in kind of influencing all things Scottish. Mostly, I miss the broadcasting – but not for egotistical reasons.”

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