Greenslade Turns Spotlight on Sunday Herald

Fans of media commentator, Roy Greenslade, will have noticed his sights were yesterday turned on the Sunday Herald newspaper, and a story it ran at the weekend about Google.

Under the headline, ‘How New Media Exposed Paper’s False Google Story’, he began his blog on The Guardian newspaper’s website, thus: “Beware of that journalistic sleight of hand in which a hunch is parlayed into ‘fact’ by use of the equivocal phrase ‘is understood’ in an intro and then transformed into ‘truth’ by an unequivocal headline.”

His allegation? That there seemed to be story about Google having reached deals with several large UK news groups over carrying their content on Google News. But that the story was eventually to found short on corroborating evidence, and how quick other websites were to claim as much also.

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