SoS Stories Stir up SNP Frustration

allmediascotland hears of senior SNP figures growing increasingly frustrated by what they describe as “non stories” about their party appearing in Scotland on Sunday newspaper.

It came to a head with Sunday’s edition, which had SNP leader, Alex Salmond, being accused of cronyism after it emerged that over two hundred thousand pounds had been given by the Scottish Government to the Scottish Islamic Foundation, run by an SNP activist but supported by all four main political parties in Scotland.

The SNP believes it was a ‘non-story’ because it wasn’t followed up by other media.

They cite a similar fate to a story last September, claiming the SNP was charging money for access to Salmond, and other senior party members, at its annual conference. And a similar outcome to a tale, in April, of a former-SNP-official-turned-lobbyist influencing Salmond on when to issue a statement about an energy business.

The SNP has not yet made a complaint to Scotland on Sunday.

But a senior SNP official told “Everyone understands that there is an element of kite flying in the Sunday papers, but a series of Scotland on Sunday front page stories have gone nowhere in the follow up Monday papers because there is absolutely no substance to them. Not even PA picks up on them. The judgement of the daily journalists working on a Sunday is the real test of Sunday stories, and, on that basis, SoS is failing lamentably. I don’t think SoS has an anti-SNP agenda as such, but these daft stories are getting more than a bit tiresome.”

Comment: Did they not read Monday’s Herald then? SM Here:

Comment: Since when did a story become a non-story unless more than

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