Newspaper Boobs Book Ready to Roll

Scottish newspapers feature every bit as prominently as their counterparts elsewhere throughout the UK when it comes to hunorous misprints and unfortunate headlines, many of them compiled in a book being published at the end of the week.

Included in Martin Toseland’s ‘From A Steroid Hit The Earth: The Catastrophic World of Misprints’, there’s The Scotsman typo that ends up as: Police in Hawick yesterday called off a search for a 20-year-old man who is believed to have frowned after falling into the swollen River Teviot.

And the incomplete ad in the Edinburgh Evening News that reads: Male (24) seeks doom in central flat. Please phone 0141 xxxxx.

From elsewhere….

Arthur Kitchener was seriously burned on Saturday afternoon when he came in contact with a high-voltage wife. (Surrey Advertiser)

Correction: Due to an error in transmission we stated in an inquest report on Saturday that Mrs Susannah Vincent, of Porth, was found dead with a bottle in her left hand and a plastic bag over her head. This should have read ‘a Bible in her left hand’. We apologise for any distress caused to the family. (Swindon Evening Advertiser)

For sale: 83 Ford Grandad. (Express and Star, Wolverhampton)

Headline: Schizophrenic Killed Herself with Two Plastic Bags. (Milton Keynes Gazette)

The book is being published by Portico Books and is priced at

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