Scotsman Banned from Media Briefing

The Scotsman found itself at the receiving end of a media ban on Friday, as the only media organisation not invited to attend a briefing being hosted by the Lloyds Banking Group.

Said the paper on Saturday, its City editor, Martin Flanagan, was denied access to a financial results briefing.

The reason, it ventured, is because it has led the media in “demanding the UK government and banking figures address the issue of whether the [takeover of Halifax Bank of Scotland by Lloyds TSB] is good for Scotland, good for the bank employees and in the best interests of UK taxpayers”.

The paper further reported various Scottish business and political leaders united in their condemnation.

Writes business editor, Peter MacMahon: “As far as we can establish, this action is unprecedented in denying a major media organisation the right to question senior figures in a bank which has a substantial interest in Scotland, and large numbers of staff north of the Border.

“Lloyds is a publicly listed company, in which we, as taxpayers, also have a substantial holding.

“The group has not said exactly why it has taken this decision to prevent us being there to ask the questions that will inform our readers about a bank which has posted a

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