Sacked TV Producer Wins Industrial Tribunal

An award-winning TV producer fired partly for referring to her boss as a “fat thing” in a private email has won her unfair sacking.

As reported yesterday on Spike, former head of features and entertainment at stv, Agnes Wilkie, was taking her employers to an industrial tribunal, following suspension in November before last and subsequent sacking two months later.

Though the industrial tribunal attributed some of the blame to her – for the allegedly derogatory content of her emails – in the end she was vindicated. Remarkably, the tribunal said she was “75 per cent to blame”, given her seniority within the company.

She was sacked on five counts of gross misconduct. Emails to the personal assistant, and a former personal assistant, of her boss, Bobby Hain, also referred to him as ‘Blobby’ or a variation.

Tribunal chair, Hugh Murphy, is reported to have said that re-instatement was out of the question.

It’s not yet known how much Wilkie will receive in compensation. An industrial tribunal can award a maximum

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