Glasgow Cos. Caught in the Crossfire?

ITV’s just-announced decision to suspend commissions from independent TV production company, RDF, is expected to cause even more concern at two of Glasgow’s main production companies. Yesterday, the BBC placed a similar suspension on new work from the super-indie, in response to the row over footage of the Queen apparently throwing a fit with a photographer.

RDF is the company responsible for the Royal footage, and is currently subject to an investigation by the BBC as to how misleading images were released for use as promotional footage. Blameless, but caught in the cross fire, are Glasgow’s IWC and the Comedy Unit, both of which have recently been bought-over by RDF.

With the parent company’s share price taking a ten per cent hit on news of the BBC action, it is certain to dip further when the City reacts to the ITV decision. This means a period of nervous uncertainty for the Glasgow operations, who find their destiny, and job prospects, bound up in the metropolitan brouhaha.

The BBC and ITV blocks on new commissions are to last until the internal investigation has concluded, which is thought to be in September. Yesterday, RDF boss, David Frank, sent an email to Mark Thompson, BBC director general, offering an “unreserved apology” for the misleading images.

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