Twit and wisdom

HOW many twits are in the Scottish media? Oops, we mean tweeters. And many outlets are still eschewing the opportunity to promote their work – and their brand – on the microblogging site, despite its increasingly large and influential audience.

We, at allmediascotland (here) like to make sure we’re ‘down with the kids’. So too BBC Scotland’s news division (here) whose 1607 followers out-guns their rivals at STV (here) who only have a mere 76 aficionados.

Likewise, The Scotsman (here) with 1043, out-guns the Daily Record’ 967 (here). At least, though, they are tweeting their way to extra online readers – unlike their rivals.

Of the Caledonian exponents of the 140-character art, there is no-one to touch the ‘Kutchners and Frys’ of the blogosphere. But credit TV presenter and ‘Joppa legend’, Gail Porter (here), for racking up 14,497 devotees, a superhighway ahead of STV’s Vicky Lee (here) who’ll be hoping to up her 46 fans.

In the battle of the DJs, Real Radio’s Robin Galloway (here) has the biggest reach with 1416, well in front of Northsound 1’s John Mellis (here) on 420 and Forth 1’s Boogie (here) with 319.

At ‘Auntie’, self-styled Sports Monkey, Annie McGuire (here) hits the ‘back of the net’ with 183 followers, in front of BBC Radio Scotland supremo, Jeff Zycinski (here), on 147, Scottish news chief, Atholl Duncan (here), on 74, and phone-in host, Graham Stewart, (here) with 61 – grounds itself, surely, for a call.

And the hacks of the print world have not been left out. Deadline news chief, and occasional allmediascotland contributor, Shaun Milne (here) is a page-leader on 163 subscribers, sports writer, Mark Woods (here) is sitting on the full century, while The Sunday Times Scotland’ Joan McAlpine (here) has acquired 65 online chums.

Spare a thought, however, for The Herald’s fine young sportswriter, Richard Winton (here), who has accumulated the heady total of seven followers. Twitter ye not, as Frankie Howerd used to say.

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