Holiday Begins with Robbery for Director

Should a Channel 4 commissioning editor be approached by a man in a hooped top, carrying a bag marked, ‘swag’, and offering a TV documentary proposal – especially of the fly-on-the-wall variety – they should either call the cops or TV director, Stuart Greig.
It was while journeying south, for a holiday in Cornwall, that Greig had his car broken into.
It happened at his old stomping ground of Shepherds Bush, in London, outside a pub he used to frequent when working for the BBC there.
The incident took place during the couple of minutes he went inside the pub, to the loo, from sitting outside on the pavement.
In an instant, his laptop computer and passport were stolen. As were a series of printed TV programme ideas.
The director of award-winning The Gathering Place, about the building of the Scottish Parliament, and also Kings of Hearts, about the Hearts FC owner, Vladimir Romanov, had
printed the proposals to work on them during the holiday.
“The only saving grace was I had the proposals also saved on my computer at home,” he says.

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