Wanted: TV Crew

The search is on for newcomers to TV production skills, such as vision mixing and lighting, to form a crew capable of making a music show for an internet broadcaster – in a month’s time.
With a transmission date scheduled for the 23rd of next month, the clock is already ticking down on the project, which is being supported by Channel 4’s IDEASFACTORY Scotland, which aims to help young people forge careers in the creative industries.
The show – called Boom Room and taking place at Edinburgh’s Bongo Club – is to be broadcast an the website of Nexuslive, which regularly produces two live streams of music concerts per week.
For this project, Channel 4 and Nexuslive will select thirteen ‘apprentices’ to train up to produce the show. The group will learn about vision mixing, camerawork, lighting, sound, presenting, encoding for the web, editing and directing. They will then be assigned roles to create a full TV crew, and then set to work.
The show will feature live sets from three Scottish bands – identity still to be announced – plus interviews, pre-recorded
features, and live vision mixing. It’s hoped that the crew will go on to win future commissions from Channel 4.
For more information, visit www.channel4.com/ideasfactoryscotland

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