Sheridan Says 'Yes to Independence, No to Murdoch' in Online Article

The former MSP, Tommy Sheridan, has restated his support for Scottish independence and his disdain for newspapers boss, Rupert Murdoch, in an article believed to be his first since being released from prison earlier this year.

The article appears on Newsnet Scotland, the independence-leaning news and citizen journalism website. 

Last year, Sheridan was jailed for perjury, following his successful defamation case six years ago against the News of the World newspaper, owned by Murdoch and closed down in July amid allegations of phone-hacking.

It is believed Sheridan donated the article to the site.

A spokesperson for Newsnet Scotland told allmediascotland: “This is quite a scoop for us. The fact that Tommy Sheridan has agreed to write for Newsnet Scotland when he could have commanded a considerable fee from a host of other publishers is a testimony to our growing reputation which saw the site attract over 89,000 unique visitors last month.”

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