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Rory Cassidy

I SUPPLY copy and pictures to national and local papers, particularly The Scottish Sun, Daily Record, Sunday Mail, The Scottish Sun – Sunday, Evening Times, The Herald, Scottish Daily Express, The Gazette, Barrhead News and Paisley Daily Express.

Primarily a court/crime reporter, but am also experienced at writing straight news, music, sport, features, satire, opinion, celebrity – you name it.

I’ve worked as a full-time court reporter (Sheriff and High Court), managed a news desk, subbed and edited a regional weekly crime mag, ran said magazine’s online presence, door-knocked killers, interviewed drug dealers and photographed torturers.

Whilst on undercover investigations, I have posed as a homeless person, impersonated a wannabe Army recruit, portrayed a construction worker, and turned over heroin and crack cocaine dealers.

Regularly shift with the Sunday Mail and The Gazette.

Spend the majority of my time covering Paisley Sheriff Court but also go to Glasgow Sheriff and the High Courts in Glasgow and Edinburgh on occasion.

There isn’t a door in the world I won’t knock on to get a story. Lost count of the amount of times I have either been told where to go or been chased down a street (or both) but the best story of your life could be behind the next door…

Available for whatever needs doing.

Contact details

Telephone (1): 07983 467 523
Twitter: @cassidy_rory
LinkedIn: http://