From 3D to 4D

With snow falling on the audience, natural aromas filling the theatre, wind blowing and turbulence, 4DVENTURE, the latest addition to Edinburgh’s Our Dynamic Earth’s line-up, is sure to add an epic and exhilarating new sensory dimension for visitors from this Easter. 

Opening on 2 April 2010, 4DVENTURE is Scotland’s first permanent 4D theatre and represents a £700,000 investment by the five-star visitor attraction which tells the story of planet earth.  Full theatre effects will enhance a beautifully rendered eight minute film that takes visitors on a journey across the globe, from the Tundra region to the Boreal Rainforest, during which visitors will quite literally come face to face with the diversity of habitats that sustain life on earth. All brought to the cinema screen through photo-realistic 3D animation, stereoscopic sound and unique sensory effects – known as the fourth dimension.

Visitors will be taken on a journey that starts from the Earth Matters arctic research base with an informative and entertaining pre-flight briefing to prepare them for their ‘flight’ from the arctic tundra to the tropical rainforests.  Along the way they will quite literally come face-to-face with a variety of species of plants and animals.  With an entertaining script and an action-packed storyline, visitors are guaranteed a memorable journey that will leave them with a greater understanding of the fragility of life on our planet.

Commenting on the new installation, Catriona Cardie, marketing director of Our Dynamic Earth, said:  “We constantly strive to ensure that there is always something new to see and experience at Dynamic Earth.  I am confident that this is our most exciting investment to date. 

“3D film is very topical right now but we have taken that a stage further by producing a completely immersive experience which is even more lifelike and has some startling moments.  We hope people will leave feeling that they have had a real-life adventure as well as having had a taste of earth’s diversity along the way.”

An integral part of the Our Dynamic Earth tour, the 4DVENTURE journey explores a series of climatic zones – biomes – from the Tundra to the temperate biome where we live, across the Alpine region, the Mediterranean Sea, the sand dunes of the desert and on to the Savannah Grasslands before arriving in the Tropical Rainforest.

The technology and storyline for the new theatre was commissioned by Our Dynamic Earth from Global Immersion and NSC Creative, both specialists in large format immersive cinematic experiences.

Contact: Duncan Fisher / Anne McMunn
Phone: 0131 470 3400