First for Scotland: Three Major British Collections Loan Precious Renaissance Drawings, Seen Only Once in a Generation

For the first time in Scotland, three major British collections are loaning precious drawings, seen only once in a generation, to the new, award winning, eco-designed MORAY ART CENTRE.  Renaissance drawings from the British Museum’s collection will be augmented by additional drawings from The Courtauld Gallery and the National Galleries of Scotland. The exhibition, which is opens to the public on Saturday 24 April to Sunday 22 August, is timed to open concurrently with related exhibitions of the same period, with The British Museum, London and The Uffizi, Florence and the Courtauld Gallery’s exhibition ‘Michelangelo’s Dream’.  However, MORAY ART CENTRE’s exhibition is based upon a provocative and a timely new premise which the Courtauld Gallery’s Director, Ernst Vegelin, has called, “compelling”.

The exhibition entitled Nameless and will:

- exhibit work, unseen by many, despite belonging to what most see as a ‘celebrity’ period in the history of art. These un-attributed drawings, which at anytime could be credited to a Renaissance household name, can be viewed and approached with-out any preconceptions of the name of an Old Master.

- give an observation of our modern day celebrity fascination.  In today’s society is something only worthy if it is connected to a name. Does nameless = valueless?

- to offer first-hand experience of these precious works to an audience for whom London is not easily accessible. MORAY ART CENTRE is a modest gallery, over 550 miles from London

- and of course, to recognise the exceptional qualities of rare Italian Renaissance drawings.

MORAY ART CENTRE will also be hosting a number of Italian & Scottish cultural events in music, drama and cuisine, throughout the three months the exhibition will be open.  The exhibition, supported by the Foyle Foundation opens to the public on Saturday 24 April – Sunday 22 August.

Full Press Pack and Images available.

Contact: Diane A Smith
Phone: 01309 692426