New Book Sets Ex-Record Sub Free

The trend for journalists being brought to book continues with Rona Mackay, a former Daily Record features sub-editor, publishing her first novel entitled Adults Go Free: Travelling With Children…and Without.

Rona’s book, published by AuthorHouse, is a story every parent will relate to, as she recounts the highs and lows of family holidays and the sheer joy of that most elusive of pleasures… a child-free break.

Relive those heady days before children when you could enjoy long lies, leisurely meals and walks in the country without being dragged off to play areas and toy shops. We love our children – but do we always have to go on holiday with them?

Rona, whose children’s book Scottie Mac and Rozy was published in 2001, said: “This book is tailor made for harassed parents who are constantly being interrupted by demanding little people.

“There’s absolutely no plot to it so it’s a perfect stop/start read. You can just switch off your brain and enjoy it for what it is – basically just a humorous piece of nonsense about family holiday experiences.”

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