Beat the Flu Jab this Winter – Glasgow Pharmacy Offering Flu Jab for

Adults in Glasgow can now BEAT THE FLU THIS WINTER by paying privately to have a flu jab within a Houlihan Pharmacy. 

The Houlihan Pharmacy Group has 8 pharmacies in Glasgow offering the flu jab, which costs £13 per person. 

The first 50 people in each pharmacy will get their vaccine half price at £6.50.

People in ‘at-risk’ groups will find that the flu vaccination is available to them from their GP free of charge.  However, there are many other people who will want to be protected from seasonal flu and swine flu this winter  

Houlihan Pharmacy Group has made it easy for people to get their flu jab – it only takes a few minutes for to be assessed and then immunised.  For just a few minutes of your time you get the peace of mind that you are protected

By getting the flu jab you also reduce the risk of passing flu on to children and the elderly who might be at greater risk than you, so it is a worthwhile investment and precaution.  Houlihan pharmacists have been thoroughly trained and are offering both a drop in service and also an appointment system to make it as easy as possible. 

The service is for over 18’s only and is available now.  To find out more, phone or call in to your local Houlihan Pharmacy.  Or visit for full information and a full list of Houlihan pharmacies. 

Contact: Lynda Nicolson
Phone: 01698 206735