The Rise of the Virtual MicroStar

Are we seeing the first true online virtual artist question the workings of the music business?? is surging up the global web site rankings…mainly via Second Life.


Who is POL Arida? What is a Virtual Performer? A Virtual Performer plays predominantly on the internet, playing live via audio and video, to an international audience usually as avatars in virtual worlds. 

Second Life, the biggest of these worlds, is where people create their own avatars, houses, shops, communities and more. There are venues where avatars meet and listen/watch to performers on stage playing live music. The audience can interact with the artists, talking to them after the gig, buying music and getting directed to the artist’s web site music. This is a growing way for artists to get there music to people from all over the world. Just like a normal concert in real life.

In 2005, POL Arida developed a guitar style called Hammer Guitar which is widely regarded as unique. The guitar is hit up to 300 times per minute creating a very full `band like` sound. Although simple the technique is physically punishing. It took nearly seven months training to be able to complete his first new offering.

Next, the creation of a cutting edge interactive web site to house the new archive of Arida`s work. His idea was to create NOT an album of songs, but a web site that was completely downloadable as an application which would have the music, video, words, photos and most importantly a direct link to his live performances. was launched and ready for the final stage.

In 2008, the avatar POL Arida was born and appeared in Second Life performing live for the first time. His audience and fan base quickly grew, especially with audiences who liked in depth words and very intense live performance. By the end of 2009 he had attracted over 175,000 avatars to his gigs. In the same year he was one of the winners of the, Nashville based,  International Songwriters Competition for his song “One”, and played at the launch of the Indie Music Video Festival (from Canada) who came especially to Edinburgh to get him to do a rare live Real Life gig.

Since then this musical avatar has gone from strength to strength with his web site well into the in the top 1 million of all sites worldwide and the top 20 from Edinburgh. Good for a singer songwriter who has no record company and has had no conventional press and amongst competition from hundreds of millions of other web sites on the Internet. You can find over 50,000 references in Google for this artist.

Most importantly the site is in the world`s top few hundred music sites featuring a solo artist.

Most recently he has combined his live Second Life concerts with a link via Face Book so that people outside Second Life can listen in live. In the coming weeks POL Arida TV will be launched, a direct TV style video link which he already tested on his fans. This is not a `webcam` type presentation more a TV studio production which will be live on his web site, Second Life and Face Book.

In the UK the web site is currently the most visited site of any Scottish music artist and that includes the BIG artists. (Oct/Nov 2010)

So what is a virtual artist? Virtually everywhere.

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