McConnell Refuses to Investigate Nuclear Pollution

His call, repeated by the SNP, was ignored by the First Minister who sidestepped the question.

It is thought that the contamination came from leaks in the 1970s and from open air cooling ponds. McConnell has also faced calls for an investigation into contamination around all of Scotland’s nuclear facilities. Greens reacted with concern that supporters of nuclear power and spokespeople for the industry are playing down concerns, yet at the same time admitting to still not being aware of the full extent of the problem.

Harper challenged Jack McConnell at First Minister’s Question time today, to ask for an investigation by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and to report back to parliament.

Mr Harper said that although Mr McConnell had expressed concern over the revelations, he did not reveal whether he had done anything about it and had thus failed to react adequately to the legitimate concerns of many people.

Harper added, “I find it very disturbing that despite genuine concerns and a straightforward request for a report to this parliament – the First Minister just shrugs it off and says that all is under control by the relevant authorities. This kind of response is one we might expect from the nuclear industry, not from a labour First Minister who is supposed to be committed to renewable energy.”

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