Firms Waste Cash on Advertising, Survey Shows

AROUND 90 per cent of businesses have spent money of marketing which has been a complete waste of time and money, according to a new survey.

And the company behind the survey says one of the biggest wastes is the cash they've spent on advertising.

Midlothian-based UNIQ, which provides a business mentoring service for start-ups and SMEs, has conducted an online survey which, the firm says, has highlighted the misplaced faith many fledgling companies place on the power of advertising.

UNIQ co-founder Ruth McKay said: “We are not saying that all advertising is bad, but we are saying that any advertising rep who calls you out of the blue with a great deal should be answered with two very strong words: 'No thanks'.”

She added: “Businesses should never just 'take a punt' because an advertising sales rep tells you it's a good idea. Believe me, it's a good idea for him, but not for you”.

Ms McKay says she knows of countless small businesses that have been seduced into paying for advertising that was inappropriate or badly targeted.

“Advertising can be a great tool for businesses, but we would caution them against relying too heavily on it,” she added.

UNIQ runs a series of workshops aimed at showing businesses how to use a mix of marketing tools to help raise brand awareness, their company's profile and maximise sales.

“There are lots of sales and marketing methods that can make businesses a lot of money but it is essential that they use the ones that are right for them”, said Ms McKay.

Notes to Editors:

For more information on UNIQ – The Academy for Entrepreneurs visit, email or phone 0131 447 0438. Ruth McKay is available for comment on a range of issues relating to small businesses, sales, marketing and operations.

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