Spring Clean Your Website

Do you know your multi-platforms from your social network?  Are you at one with Google Analytics? And is your Clicky as powerful as you think?

If you’re thinking of a company spring clean this year, with a new marketing strategy and a fresh new website, this would be a good time to get more information about the new digital modes and which links you require? 

Most companies have embraced the basics of digital marketing and recognise the importance of an on-line presence, but according to website designer, Bob Gentle from North East Creative, most people put a lot of time and effort into their plan, but don’t consider the sub-conscious questions and the sub-conscious expectations of their customers.

“When people renew their websites, they focus on the design but don’t consider the broad range of tools that are available to do digital marketing.  Every business is different so the web should be an on-line reflection of that business.  The design is secondary – what has to come first is the function,” said Bob. ‘There’s no point in having thousands of on-line ‘hits’ if you only have three enquiries.”

Bob has to cater for a broad spectrum of clients that includes multi-national oil and gas companies to the single operator who makes fly-fishing equipment. As Bob says, each has the same expectations of growing their company. But he is convinced that most businesses don’t connect print marketing with their website and online profiles so a lot of the increased interest in the product is lost.

“Put yourself in the customers shoes and test your site.  Visit your own website from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know you company. You will find the problems and the gaps and most of the time they can be fixed without a lot of hassle and expense.”

New digital media encompasses not only website marketing but also social networking.  Twitter, facebook and Linkedin, all present opportunities for creating and expanding network contacts. Twitter, apparently, can now be considered as a perpetual networking event. 

“Think of it this way,” adds Bob.  “The more people who know you and trust you, the more they will recommend you and your business. Get stuck in, be authentic, show your personality and you will be rewarded.  You Tube can work well if your business is something which can best be promoted with video.”

But be warned, the same rules apply with video and social media as they would when you are in a room full of people – behave.

And finally the last piece of advice from website expert Bob Gentle is to develop a strategy for digital marketing. 

“Knee jerk actions will only solve temporary problems,” says Bob. “And of course remember to promote your site in traditional media – the two work well together.”

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