Life and Work – April Issue

The April edition of Life and Work, the Church of Scotland magazine is now out.


In a special meditation on the meaning of the Resurrection, the Very Rev Gilleasbuig Macmillan, minister at St Giles, Edinburgh writes that the Resurrection of Jesus was not simply regarded as a miracle by those behind the New Testament.

“St Paul and the other New Testament writers did not regard Our Lord’s Resurrection as chiefly a miracle which is was our Christian duty to admire in a sort of bout of faithful wondering. Miracles were not so odd to people of their time. The Resurrection was supremely something they were offered to share. Their relationship to Christ’s Resurrection lay in their sharing his new life while they lived in this life and their entering into a fuller life when this life ended.”


The Rev James Martin reflects on the arguments used to counter the reality of the first Easter Sunday and dispels the main theories which undermine the story of the Resurrection.

Analysing each of the key theories which seeks to undermine the truth of the Resurrection, he writes: “The certain fact of the empty tomb of Jesus, which was 100 per cent accepted as fact by friend and foe alike when the preaching of the Resurrection began, confirms the reality of that Resurrection beyond all reasonable doubt.”

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