Kirk Says Afghan War Cannot be Justified

The General Assembly will be asked today to call for an end to the war in Afghanistan and for the troops to be called home as soon as possible

Convenor of the Church and Society Council Mr Ian Galloway said “in 2002 the Church said the war in Afghanistan could only be justified if it met the criteria of legitimacy, liable to succeed, proportional in its implementation and limited in its effect on non combatants.  Our view is that this war fails on all four counts and should ended now.  These are political not military failures however, and so we recognise that there is a real need for those soldiers in Afghanistan to be supported and cared for including by the valuable work of chaplains”

Notes to news desk

The report reviews 4 questions set by a report to the Assembly in 2002 as being benchmarks for a just war.

The report was written by an ecumenical group under the banner of Action of Churches Together Scotland

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