Industry Experts Join Forces

Tartan Silk Public Relations are pleased to announce that they will be joining forces with another influential Scottish company, Caledonia Public Affairs.

The two companies see this as a meeting of minds and believe that by working together they can enhance the opportunities they provide to their individual clients.  Both companies will now work closely together and will operate from the same offices at 50 Montrose Terrace, near the Scottish Parliament. 

Tartan Silk, established by Martin Hunt in 1997, is one of Scotland’s leading and most respected public relations agencies.  The company specialises in a wide range of areas, from luxury brands to social care, and has carried out numerous successful campaigns for their clients over the years. 

Caledonia Public Affairs was established in 2006 and their team specialises in public affairs, media communications and government relations.  Company founder and director Devin Scobie has advised some of Europe's biggest corporations and over 30 of FTSE's Top 100 companies. 

Martin Hunt said: “I see this as an exciting opportunity for a new type of business collaboration.  It is not a merger.  It is not an acquisition.  It is a pooling of resources for the benefit of our clients.” 

Devin Scobie said: “Together, Caledonia and Tartan Silk make a rather special partnership.  This move builds upon the appointment of Margaret Smith as a director of Caledonia Public Affairs earlier this year.  Margaret’s formidable Holyrood experience, combined with Tartan Silk’s track record, make a unique cocktail which clients old and new are certain to benefit from.”

The move is a great step forward and marks the beginning of a new era in both company’s histories.  The pair are of a similar size and similar work ethos, with both firms being completely dedicated to delivering an effective service to their clients. 


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