Ignore prophets of doom and focus instead on profit growth

Bank of England Governor Sir Mervin King today (8.8.12) slashed Britain’s growth forecasts to virtually zero per cent but marketing entrepreneur, Gordon Beattie, urged businesses to ignore prophets of doom and focus instead on profit growth.

The founder of PR agency Beattie Communications and the Only group of marketing brands said: “Times have been tough for two or three years but fortune favours the brave and dynamic companies will continue to grow because they don’t see problems, they see opportunities.”

Beattie pointed out that one of his businesses Only Web is the fastest-growing internet marketing brand in the UK.

He said: “Only Web has doubled in size each year for the last two years and it will do so again over the next 12 months creating valuable new jobs in the process.

“As a group, Beattie Communications is constantly looking for opportunities to grow. In the last few months we have launched a mobile advertising business, a video production and marketing business and a concierge service aimed at students.

Beattie Communications is headquartered in Londonand has eight offices across the UK. It offers PR, media relations and crisis communications services.

The Only marketing brand has a range of businesses focusing on retail marketing, health communications and marketing to men plus nearly 20 other specialist marketing boutiques.


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