Stirling and Perthshire gets a ‘Google-trusted’ photographer

A TEAMING up with Google is allowing a Dunblane-based photographer, Graeme Milton, to bring a new concept to help businesses in Stirling and Perthshire.

Google Business Photos is an online marketing tool that brings Street View technology indoors, with a series of 360-degree images. Launched in the UK at the beginning of last year, it has grown in popularity. Google Business Photos allows a viewer to move easily from the street scene, through an open door to have a virtual stroll around a business: ideal for restaurants hotels and shops.

Graeme was fortunate to be one of the first UK-trusted Photographers when he worked in the Glasgow and Strathclyde region. Since moving away from Glasgow, Google have allowed him to make the service available to businesses looking for an affordable way to increase their web profile in the Stirlingshire and Perthshire regions.

As well as taking the panoramic images he is also responsible for uploading them to Google and making sure the virtual tour meets the high quality standards required. Some of the additional photographs taken during a shoot appear on the new Google+ local business pages and may be used in future web promotional products.

When Graeme was working in Glasgow he found that his services were being requested by a much wider range of business than he had expected.

Almost any business which welcomes the public through its doors could find this new service an exciting way to attract more customers. The tours can also be loaded into a business’s own website as well as almost any other web platform including social networks.

Since Graeme has been involved in the Google Business Photos project for over a year, he has learnt many different ways that business can maximise their Google web presence with minimal effort. He aims to pass on these lessons to businesses in the hope they can get more from Google.

Archie Morrison from Morrisons (Land Rover) Ltd teamed up with Graeme and had this to say about Google Business Photos. He said: “An important part of any business is awareness and as a long-established business it would be easy to assume that potential customers know where you are. Using Google to showcase our newly refurbished Land Rover showroom with the new Range Rover Evoque should help potential customers easily find us on the web and get a good idea of what our physical business looks like.”

Graeme hopes that by bringing this new service to Stirling and Perthshire he can help other local businesses thrive with his knowledge and the Google Business Photos project.


Contact: Graeme Milton
Phone: 01786235030