Etape organisers duped by doppelgangers

FOR a second year running, organisers of the Marie Curie Cancer Care Etape Caledonia, have been left perplexed by a case of mistaken identity following a twitter post by world record-breaking cycling Mark Beaumont confirming that he will not be participating in the 5,000-strong sell-out event, which starts in Pitlochry tomorrow, despite his name being on the participants list.

In response to a follower who hoped to see him at the event, Beaumont tweeted “Nope – not me. Must be another Mark Beaumont. Have a great day!”

But this is not the first time organisers have been sent on a ‘wild goose chase’, with a chance mix-up at the 2012 event leading to a hungry Press pack on the finish line desperate to get pictures and photos of the Hollywood superstar, Ewan McGregor.

Local rumours that Ewan McGregor and his brother Colin were taking part in the 81-mile cycling challenge and had been spotted in the town on the Satuday, led organisers to check the participants list. Sure enough, a Ewan and Colin McGregor were registered to participate and had indeed crossed the start line.

Fevered excitement built up in the Highland Perthshire town ahead of the arrival of the Salmon Fishing in the Yemen star, and when participant numbers 1474 (Ewan) and 1475 (Colin) were spotted close to the finish line, hundreds of spectators gathered to get a glimpse of the Hollywood icon.

Crossing the finish line in a blue jersey and cycling helmet, Ewan McGregor was thrust into the limelight as eager photographers, reporters and television cameras fought to get pictures of his moment of glory. However, within minutes, it became apparent that the Ewan in question was NOT in fact the Hollywood actor, but someone else entirely.

Puzzled looks and some quick questioning confirmed he was, in fact, Ewan McGregor and that he had been riding the event with his DAD, Colin McGregor. When quizzed as to whether he had been mistaken for his famous namesake before he commented:

“Yes, just a little.”

Organisers are being a little more cautious about birthday boy, Stephen Fry, who is also registered to participate this Sunday and are certain that Gregor Philp, of Deacon Blue, will be amidst the throngs.

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