Popping out for a paddle: penguins settle in with parade around pool

A WADDLE of Humboldt penguins are settling into their enclosure at St Andrews Aquarium in Fife this morning after arriving at their new home late last night.

The four females who have been transferred from the Seaview Wildlife Encounter in the Isle of Wight are now permanent residents at the coastal attraction.

Andrew Whiston, displays manager at St Andrews Aquarium, commented:

“After months of hard work we are so excited that the penguins have finally arrived and are settling well into their new home. We have had so many visitors eagerly awaiting their arrival over the past few weeks and we can’t wait to show them off!”

St Andrews Aquarium have spent months preparing for the penguins to arrive by re-developing the enclosure which is one of only two places that Humboldt penguins can be seen in Scotland, as well as installing viewing windows so visitors can see the penguins swimming underwater, a feature that is unique only to St Andrews Aquarium.

Andrew Whiston continued:

“We completed the finishing touches last week by filling the pool and putting up the new educational boards about the penguins so we have been ready and waiting for our new residents to arrive. We hope our unique underwater viewing windows will be of great interest to visitors who may never have been able to see these magnificent birds swim except, perhaps, on television documentaries.

“After the long journey from the Isle of Wight we are delighted to see the penguins settling into their new home very quickly and our visitors seem to love them, especially being able to see them through the underwater windows. Now the hard work begins to give them all names before the summer holidays!”

Humboldt penguins originate from South America and numbers have been in steady decline over the past decade due to over fishing, habitat destruction and climate change.

For more information on St Andrews Aquarium please visit www.standrewsaquarium.co.uk

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