Drinks? Your Thoughts

The Compass (Leith), the Tun, The World’s End, the Jolly Judge and the Jinglin’ Geordie have all been put forward as possible venues for – in the words of one correspondent yesterday – a “pseudo press club” for Edinburgh.

It follows a suggestion yesterday on allmediascotland.com that a pub might be chosen as a recognised place for media folk to meet in Edinburgh on a Friday evening – for friends past and present to bump in to each other and where visiting journalists might head for in the reasonably certain knowledge of striking up a conversation with a colleague

The exercise will soon be repeated for other parts of the country, but, in the meantime, any views, for and against, the above suggestions? Any other possible venues?

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Comment: What about the Bow Bar, in the heart of the Old Town? It is as stalwart an evocation of everything that is wonderful about The Great Scottish Pub as one could wish for. Straightforward but quietly classy; fabulous beer – surely an unrivalled setting in which to conduct forthright but erudite conversation. Roy Beers.

Comment: Bow Bar is an old favourite. Actually not been for quite some time so not up to date and one needs to be. I went into the Doric a couple of weeks ago and it used to be great but was dead (at least as a journo haunt). Surprised the Cafe Royal has not been mentioned. Often see people we know when Robin Hodge at The List and I go there which we do sometimes. Simon Dessain, The List

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