Boag Heading Home

A former sports editor at BBC Scotland is returning to Scotland, after a short spell at Newcastle-based Metro radio station.

Gordon Boag was head of news at Glasgow-based SAGA 105.2FM – re-branded as Smooth after a take-over – following his stint at the BBC. And it was in the wake of the take-over that he was appointed head of news and sport at Metro.

But with his six-month probation about to end, he has decided to return to Scotland, explaining the job wasn’t as he expected it to be. In particular, he arrived in Newcastle expected to be spending a third of his time reporting football. But then, suddenly, Metro announced they were no longer carrying live football commentary.

The imminent cashing in of his SAGA shares is helping him make the decision. Following last week’s merger between the Automobile Association and SAGA, Boag’s

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