Possible Showdown Passes off With Smiles All Round

It was dubbed by some as ‘Showdown at Cricklecreek’; for others, it was simply the first time the former managing editor at the Daily Record – and now an editorial consultant at rivals, the Scottish Sun – had clapped eyes on his successor, recruited from, er, the Scottish Sun, albeit after a year-long sabbatical.
Last night, at a seminar on the Press Complaints Commission’s Code of Conduct, held in Glasgow, Maclolm Speed (formerly of the Record, now at the Sun) and Derek Stewart-Brown (formerly of the Sun, now at the Record) found themselves in the same room together for the first time since their effective job swap, Stewart-Brown having been assistant editor (news) at
the Sun before taking time off to rear sheep and help run his wife’s restaurant.
Despite hopes of a frosty stand-off, it was never going to be anything but cordial, despite Stewart-Brown’s returning of a CD he inherited when taking ownership of Speed’s former company car.
The car – a gold-coloured Jaguar – came with a CD still in the player that Stewart-Brown describes as “Highland Cathedral with the volume full blast”. On returning it, he popped into the player….er, Marilyn Manson.

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