Freesheet War on Streets of Glasgow

It’s got to be war on the streets of Glasgow, as two publishing groups go head-to-head with free newspapers for both the south side and the west end of the city.

Yesterday, Spike reported the launch, on Wednesday, of Local News for Westenders, on the back of ten years running Local News for Southsiders.

But it could only have been a tactic to counter the launch, also on Wednesday, of two other free sheets – Southside News and West End News – by a former magazine publisher at The Herald.

The truth behind the head-tohead is that Campbell Murdoch and his co-director at Premier Publishing and Events Ltd – the company behind Southside News and West End News – had been in talks with the owner of Local News for Southsiders about a possible take-over.

When the parties failed to agree a price, Murdoch and co-director, Derek Williams, decided to set up on their own.

To make matters more interesting, both publishers operate out of the same premises: at 73 Robertson Street, in Glasgow.

Says Murdoch: “We moved in when we were thinking we’d be all one happy family. My attitude is we’re just keen to build a business. There’s no rancour involved.”

20,000 copies each of Southside News and West End News were distributed.

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