Quarter of Herald Staff Believed to Have Applied for Voluntary Redundancy

An estimated one in four staff are understood to have applied for voluntary redundancy at The Herald newspaper – leading to widespread fears its fate is to become a regional rather than national newspaper.

It follows reports that owners, Newsquest, are looking for a budget cut of between two and three million pounds across its Glasgow titles, which also include the Sunday Herald and the Evening Times. Meanwhile, it is is being estimated that The Herald group – which also includes a magazine division – is on track to again announce in the region of nineteen million pounds
profit, as it did almost this time last year.

Thursday has been set as the deadline for applications for voluntary redundancy. The National Union of Journalists are poised to stage a ballot for industrial action should the company seek compulsory job cuts.

It is believed there are more than 32 volunteers for redundancy at The Herald, 13 at the Sunday Herald, and a handful more at the Evening Times. And it’s not just ‘old hands’ – entitled to a relatively generous pay-off reflecting their long service – who are said to be wanting out.

Staff are fearful that it will be impossible to sustain the papers in their current format should all applying for voluntary redundancy are granted it.

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