No Protest, Claims Herald MD

The managing director of the Herald group of newspapers may have cause to regret a memo sent to staff on Friday, as he tries to engineer a budget cut of between two and three million pounds from The Herald and sister titles, the Sunday Herald and Evening Times, plus magazine division, Caledonian Publishing.

With the deadline for applications, from journalists, for voluntary redundancy having passed the day before, Tim Blott remarkably informed staff he had yet to hear from any politician objecting to his plans.

Not that the country’s politicians have, er, been up to much recently, there having only been a Scottish parliament election campaign and vote going on these last few weeks.

He also made remarks about ‘out-dated working practices’.

Meanwhile, it is understood that The Herald editor, Charles McGhee, is to meet officials from the National Union of Journalists on Wednesday to discuss the estimated 40 applications for voluntary redundancy from that newspaper alone and how it might impact on the practicalities of actually getting a newspaper out every day.

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