Paolo Publicity, Good Publicity?

There may be a fiver in the post, ‘winging’ its way from the Scottish Sun to rivals, the Daily Record, following a report in the latter about Scottish singer, Paolo Nutini.

Apparently, young Nutini has never forgiven the Scottish Sun for an interview, by Martel Maxwell, published about a year ago. It has clearly so irked him, he has not only penned some lyrics having a go at the paper, he performed them at the T in the Park music festival at the weekend.

And the Record’s The Razz showbiz column yesterday gleefully reproduced them. The Sun Can Kiss my A*** reportedly includes: “I had a wee idea about The Sun – not the sun in the sky, the paper. They’ve not been nice to me.

“They say things that are meant to bring you down, they put you up on your high horse and rock you ‘til you’re down.

“They say I hate the Pope and that I love dope.

“These things are meant to bring me down but The Sun can kiss my a***.”

But Spike hears that some of the Scottish Sun’s top brass were only too happy seeing their paper take up precious column inches in a rival. “All publicity is good publicity,” said one.

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