Campbell and Caplin Cosy Up on Air

It wasn’t the first time that former No.10 ‘spin doctor’, Alastair Campbell, had declared that his feud with ‘lifestyle guru’, Carole Caplin, was a thing of the past, but Scottish radio station, talk107, last week enjoyed the unique distinction of having them both saying it at the same time.

While Campbell was on air, promoting his diaries, Caplin – who advised former Prime Minister, Tony Blair’s wife, Cherie – then phoned in.

Campbell, who was appearing on the all-speech station’s Wild Women – with Liz Clarke and Emma Roche – was said to have been taken by surprise when Caplin phoned announce that, rather than sworn enemies, Campbell was her new best friend. Caplin even went as far as to say Campbell’s book was a “jolly good read” and that he looked “rugged and sexy”.

Asked by Clarke to describe the moment he and Caplin ‘kissed and made up’, Campbell said: “There I was at a charity event in London with Mick Hucknall and Sir Alex Ferguson. It was the night that the Cherie documentary was on TV.

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