Sunday Mail Rapped by PCC

The Sunday Mail newspaper has been found guilty of a “rare example” of bad practice, according to the Press Complaints Commission.

It follows two stories, one five years ago, the other last year. The one last year ought to have contained denials that were agreed between the paper and the PCC five years ago.

On Thursday, the PCC explained: “[A] Mr Alex Lothian complained that the newspaper had republished inaccurate allegations about him, which originally appeared in an article in 2003. On that occasion, he made a formal complaint to the PCC, which was resolved on the basis that the allegations would be ‘referred to as being disputed should the paper return to this or any other story concerning him again’.

“However, in a further story published in 2007, the newspaper printed three of the allegations with no reference to the complainant’s denials. The Commission considered this omission to lead to a breach of Clause 1 (Accuracy) of the [PCC] Code [of practice]. The failure to adhere to an offer made during the course of a previous PCC investigation was a serious matter, and a rare example of bad practice.”

To read the PCC’s full adjudication, click here.

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