Picture This – Pt 2

Maybe publishing pics of fans of Spanish football club, Espanyol, is easier after all.

Following yesterday’s Spike tale – here – of the Evening Times publishing a pic of Espanyol fans, to accompany a piece about Rangers ones, it has since emerged that the paper has apologised for airbrushing out an Ulster flag being waved by supporters of the Glasgow club.

The airbrushing prompted, it is believed, various complaints, including from Northern Ireland MP, Gregory Campbell, who wrote: “The Red Hand of Ulster is a symbol used by people from both sides of the community in Northern Ireland. It features prominently in the flag of Northern Ireland; it is used by the GAA as well as being displayed, as in this case, on the banners of people who are legitimate and properly registered supporters of Glasgow Rangers football club. It features prominently as part of the logos of many organisations ranging from the Ulster Farmers Union to the Ulster Rugby team.

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