More Thrills than Skills – A Half-life in Journalism, Part 48

Over the next few weeks, is to publish, each weekday, extracts from the memoirs of Scottish war correspondent, Paul Harris. ‘More Thrills than Skills: A Half-life in Journalism’, is being scheduled for publication next year.

The best dressed and outfitted warco would, in theory, be turned out carrying around 15 kgs of gear.

The complete war rig-out would set him or her back more than $50,000 without taking into consideration an armoured Landrover: former Northern Ireland police units were favoured.

The armoured ABC News Chrysler model used in central Bosnia reportedly cost $200,000 when it was built for the Gulf War. But then it did have a couple of enviable facilities. If pursued. you had two options: you could either spray oil on the road behind, or shoot flame out from twin cylinders at the back, James Bond-style.

The Complete War Correspondent and Their Essential Kit

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