Sunday Post Celebrates 90th Birthday

The Sunday Post yesterday celebrated its 90th birthday, with a three-page spread, including a message of congratulations from Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, who declared: “This Broon certainly grew up loving The Broons.”

But perhaps the most all-embracing message came from Scottish Labour leader, Iain Gray, who said: “The Sunday Post is a great Scottish institution with a world-wide reputation. The Sunday Post has stuck to its core values and traditions and they still strike a chord with the public as much today as they did 90 years ago. A Sunday is not the same without The Sunday Post.”

The first Sunday Post had 16 pages, few photographs and the text was so small it could barely be read without a magnifying glass.

As the paper explained yesterday, the reasons for its birth were very special, if tragic: “After the outbreak of World War One, casualties started mounting and, with no TV or radio

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