Headline of the Month: An August Contender

On Saturday, a story ran in the Evening Times about Star Wars actor, Ewan McGregor, working in the kitchen of a Glasgow restaurant whilst researching for a rumoured film role playing Jamie Oliver, promptig the headline: 'May the Course be With You'……to become the latest contender in the August Headline of the Month competition – run by allmediascotland.com, in association with Whyte & Mackay.

It was penned by chief sub-editor, Craig Gibson, and nominated by assistant editor, Graeme Smith.
Up for grabs each month are bottles of Whyte & Mackay Special whisky – for both the author of the headline and the person who has nominated it, with the monthly winners entered in a Headline of the Year competition where two bottles, each worth £150, of Whyte & Mackay 30 year-old are the prizes.

Eligible are headlines in Scottish newspapers (national and local), plus Scottish magazines and online.

You send your nominations to info@allmediascotland.com

Now, it was long ago hoped that the winner of the June and July Headline of the Month competitions would be determined by an online poll of readers. The poll was to be part of a new-look site. That new look will happen, but it is still being worked on and is still some time off. So, here's the deal: the winners will be announced tomorrow, determined by the shows of support sent in by email today (allmediascotland.com will have one vote for each of the momths too).

So, choose from the following headline nominations for both June and July, here.


She was ‘sporting a new look’, the freed ‘crime queen’, Mags Haney: Handbags & Glad Mags (Scottish Sun, penned by deputy editor, Paul McLaren, nominated by allmediascotland.com).

Simple Minds’ singer, Jim Kerr, is a big fan of Celtic FC, and he was championing the then Motherwell boss, Mark McGhee, to fill the then vacant Celtic manager's post: Don’t You Forget About McGhee (Daily Record, penned by sportswriter, David McCarthy, nominated by allmediascotland.com)

It was being suspected that the death of actor David Carradine – probably best known for his appearances in the Kung Fu TV series during the 1970s and the Kill Bill films of this decade – was because of autoerotic asphyxiation: Kinky Thrill Kills Bill (Daily Record, penned by executive editor, Bob Caldwell, nominated by Business7 reporter, Scott McCulloch).

Police seek to block a planned 24-hour Starbucks: Police Say No to Latte-night Coffee (Edinburgh Evenbing News, penned by chief sub-editor, Mark Campanile, nominated by editor, Tom Little).

Labour MP and minister, Kitty Ussher, was one of many at Westminster to have her housing affairs caught up in the MPs’ expenses scandal: Fall of the house of Ussher (The Scotsman, idea of reporter, Craig Brown, nominated by sub-editor, Martin Gray).

Metal had been stolen from a new police station in West Lothian: Copper Stolen from Police Station (BBC.co.uk, penned by Angie Brown, four separate nominators: The Sunday Times Scotland deputy picture editor, Henrik Brandt; freelance business writer, Colin Calder; European/Scottish Parliament reporter, Udo Seiwert-Fauti; and reader, Razwana Mirza).

A review of Glasgow restaurant, Velvet Elvis: Love Meat Tender at the Elvis Grill (The Herald, penned by sub-editor, Jim Bruce, and nominated by PR consultant, Mike Ritchie).

The winner of a cooked meat cookery competition is announced by the restaruant reservation blog, 5pm: Wham Bam Thank You Spam (5pm.co.uk, penned by n/a, nominated by freelance food and restaurant writer, Jonathan Trew).


A group of school pupils in East Renfrewshire retain a chess title: Pawn Yerselves! (South Glasgow News, penned by editor, Rob Reid, nominated by PR person, Mike Ritchie).

The good folk of Doune are campaigning for a pedestrian crossing: No Backing Doune Over Pedestrian Crossing (Allanwater News, penned by Joan McCann, news editor at publishers, Forth Independent Newspapers, nominated by colleague and reporter, Henry Ainslie).

Scots tennis star, Andy Murray, makes quick work of defeating Spanish opponent, Juan Carlos Ferrero: Ferrero Rusher (Daily Record, penned by news sub-editor, David Willis, nominated by colleague, Paul Bryson).

Edwyn Collins’ partner, Grace Maxwell, speaks about life after Collins’ two severe strokes: Rip it Up and Star Again (Sunday Herald, penned by n/a, nominated by BT Scotland senior press officer, Mitch Reid).

The BBC is banning the broadcasting of bad language before 10pm: Swearing on TV. Does Anyone Give a *!!@? (Sunday Herald, penned by n/a, nominated by BT Scotland senior press officer, Mitch Reid).

A swimmer’s one-piece swimsuit begins to come apart, along the seam of its back: The Butt-erfly Stroke (Metro, penned by n/a, nominated by allmediascotland.com).

A nostalgic piece about thrillseekers stuck to the sides on the Wall of Death ride at the Kelvin Hall Carnival: Writhing's on the Wall at Fairground Attraction (Evening Times, penned by sub-editor, Andy Mellin, nominated by The Herald group's content editor, Tony Carlin).

A parrot with a penchant for whistling a well-known Unionist anthem: The Sash My Feather Wore (Scottish Sun, penned by n/a, nominated by Brian Walsh, account manager at The BIG Partnership).

An analysis of brewers, Tennent's: T in the Dark as Brewery Waits to Hear its Fate (The Herald, penned by n/a, nominated by PR person, Mike Ritchie).

A police crackdown on petrol forecourt thefts in the south-west of Glasgow: Oil Catch You (The Extra, penned by sub-editor, Jim Cameron, nominated by the story's reporter, David Oliver).

A possible sighing of a panther in Pollok Park, Glasgow: Cat in the Act? (The Extra, penned by editor, Allan Hodge, nominated by the story's reporter, David Oliver).

Rising noise levels – from neighbours, etc – in Scotland: For Whom the Decibels Toll (The Scottish Daily Express, penned by night editor, Alasdair Ferguson, nominated by editor, David Hamilton).

BT is named the most 'gay friendly' company in the world, according to the International Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce: BT Phone Homo (Scottish Sun, penned by n/a, nominated by Kate Sutherland).

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