"Bristly" Staff Meeting Fearful over Scotsman Sales

The sales performance of The Scotsman newspaper is reported to be keeping one of its senior managers “awake at night”.
The revelation has emerged in an internal report from the latest staff monthly forum, compiled by Scotsman staff representative, Fordyce Maxwell, and which Spike has seen.
The meeting was attended by Scotsman Publications general manager, Henry Faure Walker, with managing director, Michael Johnston, on holiday.
And according to the report, there was also a grim warning about advertising revenue, which, for June, is said to have been down 13 per cent on twelve months previously.
And Mr Faure Walker is reported to have remarked: “The Scotsman circulation is very, very poor and keeps me awake at night.”
One casualty is a restructuring of the website, scotsman.com, with two jobs goings, one being a journalist.
It prompted Maxwell to describe the meeting as unusually “bristly” and “the most discouraging forum meeting since [recent new owners] Johnston Press took over”, not least when specific questions were asked, for instance about requiring staffers to cover when a colleague is on maternity leave.

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