Beano Publishers Refute Mental Health Stigma Claims

Dundee publishers, DC Thomson, have refuted claims that a new comic strip in their hugely popular comic, the Beano, stigmatises children with mental health problems.

It follows a story in yesterday's Scottish Daily Express which quotes a Suzie Vestri – of See Me, a Scottish campaign to end the stigma and discrimination of medial health – saying: “We are disappointed to see such a popular children’s comic insinuating that it’s okay to mock or poke fun at children with behavioural problems.”

A character in the comic – 'Si Co', schoolboy Simon Coe – has violent mood swings.

The newspaper also quotes Scottish Green MSP, Robin Harper, vice-convener of Holyrood’s mental health group. He told the Scottish Daily Express: “This could leave a generation of young people, including those with real mental health problems, stigmatised as ‘Si Cos’. I urge the Beano to think again “

The newspaper quotes a Beano spokesman, saying: “He is just a guy who over-reacts dramatically to the annoyances in life that niggle us all.”

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