A Truly Pressing Matter for the PM, Writes Massie

Columnist, Allan Massie, writes in today's Scotsman newspaper how the appointment of former News of the World editor, Andy Coulson, as the Conservative Party's director of communications, “was a mistake” and that “he should go – preferably of his own accord”.

It follows the resurfacing of phone hacking allegations against the News of the World, during the time was in charge.

The result, says Massie, is that “the man who is supposed to deliver the message – or at least offer advice on the manner of delivery – has become the story”.

But he is offering his comments about Coulson in the context of a much bigger observation.

He writes: “[Prime Minister, David] Cameron should revert to the old ways, which were better than New Labour's bad ways [in having Alastair Campbell as its head of communications]. His press secretary and government information officers should all be career civil servants, as they used to be.”

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