Get Your Mics Out for the Lads?

The appointment of an award-winning radio broadcaster at Glasgow radio station, Clyde1, has got The Scottish Sun seeking to find the best-looking female radio presenter in the country. Or as the paper asks (to paraphrase): Which bevy of babes sends you radio gaga?

It was sparked by the appointment of 'Knoxy' from Moray Firth Radio.

Following an extensive piece of research, the paper – across its pages 36 and 37 – nominates – as well as 'Foxy' Knoxy – aka Diane Knox:

* Real Radio's 'gorgeous' Laura McGregor, a former Miss Scotland finalist; 

* West FM's 'bubbly brunette' Jen McGinlay and 'busty brunette' Fiona Shields; 

* Central FM's 'sultry' Emma Hayley Dixon and (again) 'sultry' Nicky Reid; 

* Radio Clyde's 'dark-haired' Connie McLaughlin, 'blonde babe' Sheelagh McLaren and 'sexy' Shebahn Littlejohn; 

* Your Radio's (again) 'gorgeous' Nicole Barratt; 

* Northsound's 'fabulous' Fiona Hardie; and 

* Forth's 'blonde bombshell' Krystle Weaver.

And the online version of the story invites readers to vote.

Meanwhile, the Daily Record today reports that ITV’s Daybreak presenter, Kate Garraway, “…stunned bleary-eyed viewers with a shockingly low-cut pink dress at 7.52am yesterday.

“But by her next appearance at 8.28, it had been replaced by a demure black and grey patterned outfit.

“And Kate’s expression had changed from sunny to thunderous. It seems the only over-40 allowed to flash her cleavage at breakfast time is our own Lorraine Kelly, 51.”

Adds the paper, the official line from ITV was that the 43 year-old Garraway thought she had finished for the day and had changed before being called back at the last minute to host a feature.

In its leader article, headed: ‘TV Low Point’, the Record commented: “So, how low should you go before 8am in the morning? The fabulously glamorous Kate Garraway revealed an ample cleavage in her £79 Ultimate Wiggle Dress yesterday morning.

“The outfit would certainly have worked behind the bar of the Rovers Return later in the evening. But is is really the kind of thing to make the nation rise and shine?”

Coincidentally, on page 13, the tabloid’s columnist, Shari Low, in the opening paragraph to her lead item, was commenting: “Sometimes you have to wonder about society’s priorities.”

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