On-air Chat 'Renunites' Selina Scott with Former Sunday Post Colleague

Retired Sunday Post journalist, Ron Williamson, has been reliving how he was ‘reunited’ with his former colleague, Selina Scott, on the Chris Evans’ BBC Radio 2 breakfast show.

The pair worked together as reporters on The Sunday Post in the 1970s. Ron went on to edit the paper’s Raw Deal column while Scott found fame as a television presenter.

A story in today’s Sunday Post explained how Scott was linked up on air with her former colleague while standing in for Moira Stewart as newsreader on Evans’ show.

She is quoted, saying: “Chris had dreamed up a slot called ‘Friends of Selina'. So I was a little bit nervous of who they would bring on.

“It was a lovely surprise to hear Ron’s voice and it took me right back to when I joined The Sunday Post 35 years ago.

“I remember driving across the Tay Road Bridge in my little Fiat 600 at the start of the New Year and walking into an office full of what I considered then to be ancient old men. The editor sat at his desk looking sternly over the top of his glasses at everyone.

“I was totally lost, with my English voice, but Ron rescued me and showed me what to do.”

Williamson retired recently after more than 40 years with The Sunday Post.

He told Sunday Post reporter, Gavin Sherriff, of his on-air chat: “It was good fun even though it was at 7.30am.”

He added, of his time working with Scott: “We’d go off in a company Morris Minor to places like Coupar Angus, Kirriemuir and so on looking for stories. She was always very pleasant and hard-working.

“We were never anything more than colleagues, but on one occasion we escorted each other to the staff dance.”

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