FoI Seminar Promises Insight into Decision-making Process

An insight into the decision-making process involving Freedom of Information applications by journalists is being offered at a seminar taking place early next year.

The Campaign for Freedom of Information in Scotland is hosting a half-day training course in Glasgow on February 1 and in Aberdeen the following day.

The training – to be led by Maurice Frankel, director of the Campaign - is aimed at journalists, plus public authorities, lawyers and other specialists.

A Campaign spokesperson told “While the course will focus on the decisions issued by the Scottish Information Commissioner, it will also cover decisions issued by the UK Commissioner and Tribunal and the Court of Session that have implications for Scottish public authorities.

“Journalists will wish to attend because they will learn about the implications of the decisions taken by the SIC and courts, and where relevant the UKIC and UK Information Tribunal, for the way in which public authorities handle requests and reviews under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act and the Environmental Information (Scotland) Regulations, and how the SIC and courts and, where relevant the UKIC and UK Information Tribunal, handle appeals.”

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