First Column for the Daily Record Provokes Call for McAlpine to Step Down

If the aim of a newspaper column is provoke a reaction, journalist-turned-MSP, Joan McAlpine, has certainly succeeded with her first column yesterday since her return to the Daily Record.

A former features writer and columnist for the Record – as well as, later, a former deputy editor of The Herald and editor of the Sunday Times Scotland – McAlpine is facing a call to step down.

Reports the Scottish Daily Mail, the SNP MSP has upset fellow politicians by saying the “Union between Scotland and England is a bit like the marriage of a talented, well-educated girl with good prospects and her own income, to a domineering man”.

The Scottish Daily Mail quotes LibDem MP, Jo Swinson, saying McApline “should be sacked if there is no 'immediate and unreserved apology'”.

Meanwhile, Labour MP, Margaret Curran, is quoted as saying: “Comparing the UK to an abusive marriage is absurd”, a quoted replicated in both the Scottish Daily Express and The Herald.

The Tory's David McLetchie is also quoted in The Herald, criticising McAlpine's remarks.

McAlpine's column reflects a recent broadening of the Labour-leaning Record's political stance. 

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